Whether you’ve just passed your test or you’ve been driving for years you should always aim to be a safe and responsible driver.

Roughly two-thirds of people aged 17+ hold a full driving licence and 2.7 million vehicles are licensed for use on the road. Driving is an every day activity for many in the population. It is not without its risks, however, and this section provides advice and guidance to help you be a safe and responsible driver.

  • Advice for drivers

    Make sure you and your vehicle are ready for the road before you set off.

  • Young drivers

    Now you’ve passed your test, learn to stay safe on the roads.

  • Speeding

    Know your speed limits and stopping distances to avoid accidents.

  • Drink- and drug-driving

    Any amount of alcohol or drug-taking, however small, will impair driving ability. Understand more about the effects and consequences.

  • In car safety

    Seatbelts and child restraints save lives and reduce the severity of injuries in cars.

  • Country road driving

    Country roads are not as safe as you think. Find out more about the dangers that lie there.