Education and families

Road Safety Scotland produces a range of learning resources aimed for use with pre-school, primary and secondary pupils and pupils with additional learning needs. These resources are linked to Curriculum for Excellence, making it easy for teachers to incorporate road safety learning into the classroom.

  • Pre-school

    Go Safe with Ziggy is an innovative new approach for early years road safety in Scotland.

  • Primary

    There are a number of different resources available from RSS to help deliver both practical and classroom-based road safety education in primary schools.

  • Secondary

    It is important that the momentum for road safety education is not lost at the secondary stage as pressure on the curriculum increases. A number of methods are used to deliver road safety messages.

  • Additional educational support

    RSS provides two different resources for young people who need additional support to learn important road safety techniques.

  • Communities

    RSS recognises that road safety education does not have to be restricted to schoolwork. Extra-curricular resources have been developed for youth groups and for children to use by themselves.

  • Curriculum for Excellence

    A Road Safety Education Strategy Steering Group has developed Road Safety Education Guidelines linking to the Curriculum for Excellence.